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Accommodation rules

We hope that all our guests enjoy their stay. To ensure that, we ask all the guests to follow some rules.

  1. You will have to show your passport when checking-in;
  2. The checkout time is 12:00. Check-in is available after 13:00;
  3. Only our guests (those who have already checked in) or those who have made the booking in advance can enter the hostel between 1 and 6 a.m.
  4. All our guests receive a guest ID card during check-in. Please keep this card with you and show it to the receptionist when returning to the hostel;
  5. For your own safety, we kindly ask you to return your keys to the receptionist’s desk each time you leave the hostel. You will be able to get the keys after showing your Guest ID card;
  6. On the check-out day, please, make sure that you have informed the receptionist before you leave the hostel. Please return the bedding to the designated place;
  7. To ensure the comfort of other guests, we ask you not to make noise after 10 p.m and until 9 a.m.
  8. You can invite your friends, but, for safety reasons, there are some important restrictions:
    • They must show their ID and register at the receptionist’s desk
    • They should leave before 11 a.m. and are forbidden to stay overnight
    • Please, ask your guests to respect other people’s privacy, especially if you live in a shared room. If you do live in a shared room, we kindly recommend you to use our TV room or our kitchen for meetings with friends so you won’t disturb other guests (and it will be better for your privacy as well)
  9. Please keep the room as well as public facilities clean and be careful with all the equipment. In case they are damaged, the person responsible will have to pay a compensation;
  10. Please follow all the fire safety rules and precautions, especially when you use the gas cooker. We also ask you to help us save the environment and turn off the lights/water before leaving the room;
  11. We kindly ask you to leave your room during the daily cleaning;
  12. If you are a foreigner, we will have to register you at the Immigration Office (it’s compulsory by law) and collect a processing fee of 150 RUB;
  13. For your own safety we still recommend you to store all the valuable items at the receptionist’s desk when you don’t need them. Otherwise, we won’t be able to take responsibility for them

Please note that the following things are forbidden!

  • Transferring the keys and/or Guest ID card to other people,
  • Moving the furniture in the room,
  • Drinking alcohol within the premises,
  • Smoking within the premises (including the rooms and facilities) — now it’s prohibited by law as well.

Please note that in case these rules are violated and/or the payment has not been made in time, we reserve the right to ask the violators to move out from the hostel at any time.

There are a few more rules for the groups

1. A group means ten or more people;

2. The group must have a leader who will be responsible for all the organizational issues (including the payment);

3. For group bookings the deadline for changes to be made is ten days before check-in. Otherwise we will ask you to pay a penalty (one day of accommodation rate for the group);

4. When checking in, group leader will have to give a deposit of 3000 RUB. If no violations or property damage found during the stay, the deposit will be returned in full on check-out.

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